Completely Uncut is devoted to the cataloging of deleted scenes in various media, but there ARE some rules:

Rule OneEdit

The scene, idea, or deleted matter must be in the final version of the script, OR be present while the film is in production. That is, lines, scenes, subplots and other various things that are dropped in between various drafts of the script do not count.

Rule TwoEdit

Scenes deleted for television do NOT count. Scenes deleted between theatrical and home release DO count.

Rule ThreeEdit

Video games and music do not count. The only exception to this rule is a game that uses full motion video extensively in order to further it's storyline, as in The 7th Guest.

Rule FourEdit

Completely Uncut is NOT a review database. Deleted scenes only, please!

Rule FiveEdit

The only external links that should be put on a page are IMDB links, official site links, or links to Wikipedia.

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